How we treat for Bed Bugs:

In order to get rid of bed bugs we do 3 treatments, once a week for 3 weeks. Doing 3 treatments makes sure that we stop their lifecycle. The first two treatments are a low level fumigation where you and any pets will need to be out for 3 hours. We use products that not only kill the bed bugs but also sterilize them so they can’t reproduce and lay new eggs. The last treatment is just a spray follow up to eliminate any stragglers. 

Also during the first treatment we will be using high heat steam that gets to over 250 degrees on places where they like to hide the most like arm chairs, sofas, bed frames and mattresses. That will kill them on contact. 

Common Questions for bed bugs:

Question: Do we have to leave the house for the treatment?

A: For an initial or first follow up treatment for bed bugs or fleas, yes. You will have to vacate your house for 3 hours and follow the preparation instructions that are sent once your appointment is booked. For rodents and other insects, it is safe to stay inside during the treatment.

Question: I don’t think i’ll have enough time to do the prep work.

Answer: We do a lot of same day appointments where customers can’t prep in time, just make sure everything is ready for the first follow up.

Question: Is there any prep work?

Answer: Please be prepared to vacate the premises for 3 hours from when the technician arrives, this includes any pets.

We have two things that we need you to do prior to the treatment:

1. Make sure all clothing and fabric items are bagged up. Bed Bugs love to lay eggs in fabric items so this is very important. Once that is complete put everything in the dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes to kill any bed bugs or bed bug eggs that might be on them. The clothing and fabric items then need to be placed in new bags and sealed up tight to prevent anything from getting in. The old bags should be disposed of in an external trash receptacle.

2. Take the mattress and box spring before the treatment and just tilt them up against the walls so we can get around the bed from and around the box spring and mattress. If you need help with this the technician will be more than happy to assist you, just as when they arrive.

Question: Where should we put the bags of clothing?

Answer: Can leave them out, no specific place.

Question: What should we do with our food items?

Answer: If anything is opened, like fruit or a bag of chips just put them in sealed air tight zip lock bags.

Question: Do we need to do anything to do with anything with our other furniture that's not mattress or box springs?

Answer: Nope, nothing at all.

Question: Is the bed bug treatment safe for my animals \ pets?

AnswerWhen you come back to the treatment area please make sure that you and your animals or pets do not touch any surfaces that are still wet. Please let everything dry first.

How we treat for Mice and Rats:

For mice our technician will look for any access points where they can be coming in from and put poison inside those places in case they come back. Then the tech will seal those access points up. We also use tamper resistant traps in case there are any inside so that we eliminate them as well. 

Common Questions for mice / rats treatment:

Question: Is the rodent treatment pet and kid safe?

AnswerWe specifically use tamper resistant traps that need a key to open in order to get into the bait. We'll also put it in the notes so the technician knows when they come that you have kids or pets. Some dogs are really food aggressive. Just let the technician know if yours is so they put any traps where your pet can’t get to them.

Question: Do we guarantee rodent treatments?

AnswerAbsolutely, we offer a 30 day warranty on mice exterminations. We'll come out free of charge if you're still having issues.

Question: Is there any prep for a rodent treatment?

AnswerNo prep at all.

How we treat for Cockroaches:

For roaches we do 2 treatments, an initial and then a follow up a week later. Our tech will use a flushing agent in order to determine where they’re coming in from. Then they use a gel that they take back to their colonies and that helps destroy their nests. They then use a spray that both kills them and sterilizes them so they can’t lay new eggs.

Common Questions for Cockroach Treatments: 

Question: Do we fumigate for Cockroaches?

AnswerActually years of experience has taught us that the best way to kill roaches is a combination of spray treatment and baiting so they take it back to their colonies and destroy them from within. It’s safer for people and pets as well as far more effective.

Question: Do we offer a warranty for Cockroach treatments?

AnswerWith the nature of roaches it’s impossible to give a warranty since they come from all around the neighborhood. Abandoned properties, unclean neighbors, etc. If you have an ongoing issue it’s best to do maintenance to keep them away. You’ll actually get a substantial discount on your first 2 treatments and it’ll be way more effective in the long term.

How we treat for Fleas:

In order to get rid of fleas we do 2 treatments, an initial treatment and then a follow up 1 week later. Doing 2 treatments makes sure that we stop their lifecycle and prevent them from being able to lay new eggs. The two treatments are a low level fumigation where you and any pets will need to be out for 3 hours. We use products that not only kill the fleas but also sterilize them so they can’t reproduce and lay new eggs.

Question: Do you sell pest control products to the general public?

AnswerIt's against the law for us to sell pest control products to the general public.

Question: How do I pay?

Answer: We accept any major credit cards, cash, or business checks. You can pay the technician when they arrive or prepay over the phone prior to your treatment.

Question: Where do the rats or mice go after they die?

Answer: The poison that we put down causes their bodies to overheat and they typically go outside to die.

Question: Do you treat wildlife such as birds, squirrels or raccoons?

Answer: Sorry we do not do wildlife.

Question: Do you treat termites?

Answer: Sorry we do not treat termites.

Question: I need to reschedule my appointment, how can I do that? 

A: Just give us a call, or text at 215-650-3101, or email us and we’ll reschedule your appointment right away, just make sure that it is not same-day cancellation since there is a small fee of $35 for rescheduling those same day appointments. 

Question: For treatments which require follow ups, do I have to pay upfront for all the treatments?

Answer: You can either pay all at once or at the time of each treatment for that treatment.

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